Can Citi® Driver's Edge Options cardholders participate in ThankYou Rewards?

Participation in ThankYou Rewards is a great way to get value out of your Citi® Driver's Edge Options rebates which can be converted into ThankYou Points through ThankYou Rewards. Then you can redeem them for rewards. Please be aware that rebates converted into ThankYou Points will expire one year after conversion. For additional information, see Driver's Edge OptionsCardmembers - Important Information About Your Participation in Citi ThankYou® Rewards in our Terms & Conditions.

Are all of the rewards available to cardholders?

Yes. As soon as your Driver's Edge Options rebates are converted into ThankYou Points, they are good towards any rewards in our collection. After all, they're ThankYou Points now.

Can I still redeem Driver's Edge Options rebates for a car or auto servicing?

Yes, for a limited time. Although we discontinued the Driver's Edge Options Card, we are allowing Driver's Edge Options cardmembers to continue to redeem their rebates for a new, used or leased car until March 1, 2012. The same applies for small trucks and motorcycles, or for servicing.

How do I redeem my Driver's Edge Options Rebates in ThankYou Rewards?

Just call the Driver's Edge customer service line at 1-800-308-4158 and request to convert your Driver's Edge Options Rebates to ThankYou Points. Immediately after your request, every $1 in Driver's Edge rebates will be converted into 100 ThankYou Points. We will set up a ThankYou Member Account for you online so you can see your points balance and redeem for rewards. Remember that ThankYou Points can't be redeemed until they've been posted to your ThankYou Member Account.

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