Shop with Points at

What is Shop with Points on

Shop with Points on allows ThankYou® Members who have a Citi credit card that participates in ThankYou Rewards to use ThankYou Points for eligible purchases on

Is there a fee to use ThankYou® Points through Shop with Points at

There is no fee to use points through Shop with Points at

Where can I see if my ThankYou® Member Account is linked to my account?

To see if your ThankYou Member Account is currently linked to your account, visit the My Account section on

How do I link my ThankYou® Member Account to my account?

Linking your accounts is easy. Simply go to and click the Get Started button in the blue box. From there you can link your ThankYou Member Account to your account by following the online instructions.

How do I de-link my ThankYou® Member Account from my account?

In order to de-link your ThankYou Member Account from your account, you will need to go to the My Account section on From there you will be presented with the Shop with Points linkage that is active against your ThankYou Account, including the date the accounts were linked. Follow the online instructions for de-linking your ThankYou Member Account from your account.

Why do I have to link my ThankYou® Member Account to my account in order to use my points at

Linking your ThankYou Account to your account allows you to easily use your ThankYou Points on towards great merchandise like electronics, music, clothing and more.

Can I return merchandise that I purchased at with my ThankYou® Points?

Citi ThankYou® Rewards "Shop with Points" purchases follow the return policies of the merchant. Please visit for specific rules for

Why are only ThankYou® Members with a Citi credit card that participates in ThankYou Rewards able to use Shop with Points at

Currently Shop with Points at is only available to ThankYou Members with an eligible Citi credit card.

Are authorized users on my Citi credit card account that participates in ThankYou® Rewards able to use points for purchases at

Yes, authorized users on your Citi credit card account that earns ThankYou Points can use points for purchases at, because the card account number is used to access the points.

Are there any products I can't buy using Shop with Points at may restrict the use of points for purchase of certain items at For instance, some items that currently may not be purchased using Shop with Points include some digital downloads, such as music and movies, select gift certificates, Kindle downloads, Subscribe and Save items, AmazonLocal items, AmazonFresh purchases and Prime subscriptions. Shop with Points cannot be used on any other Amazon site such as, and Additionally, you may not use 1-click to purchase products when placing an order using Shop with Points.

Can I use ThankYou® Points to pay for a portion of my Shop with Points order on

Eligible Shop with Points products on can be purchased using all ThankYou Points, eligible Citi credit cards or a combination of both.

Will my Point balance be automatically updated on both my account and my account once I use my points on

Your points balance may not reflect pending purchase transactions until the purchase is being prepared to ship. For example, if you order an item at, your point balance will not reflect your order until the date the order is actually being prepared to ship.

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