Shop with Points at

What is Shop with Points at

Shop with Points allows ThankYouŽ Members with a Citi credit card to use ThankYou Points for eligible purchases at

Is there a fee to use ThankYou® Points through Shop with Points at

There is no fee to use points through Shop with Points at

Which Citi credit cards are eligible to user Shop with Points at

Eligible cards include Citi Prestige Card, Citi Premier, Citi ThankYou Preferred, Citi Chairman American Express Card, Citi Forward Card, CitiBusiness ThankYou Card, Citi PremierPass/Expedia Card, AT&T Cards, and all other participating Citi credit cards with available ThankYou Points.

How do I link my ThankYou member account to my account?

Add your eligible Citi credit card to your Amazon account and use it to make a purchase at to automatically enroll in Shop with Points and activate the ability to use your points.

Alternatively, from a desktop or laptop PC, you can link your accounts by visiting the Citi ThankYou page at and clicking the Get Started button in the blue box on the top right andthen follow the online instructions to link your ThankYou member account to your account. From a mobile device, you can link your eligible Citi card during checkout, when you select your payment method Just click Learn more next to "Want to use Citi ThankYou Points for this order?" Once you've linked your accounts, you can pay for all or part of your order with ThankYou Points.

Please see special instructions below for details on linking your Chairman or small-business credit card.

If you have a Citi Chairman Card, CitiBusiness ThankYou Card, CitiBusiness Card, CitiBusiness World Card, or AT&T Universal Business Rewards Card, you'll need to link your ThankYou member account with your billing account (for Citi Chairman customers) or business account (for business card customers). Please refer to the top of page 1 of your monthly statement, just below your name, to locate your billing account number or business account number. When you register for Shop with Points, in the Name on card field, enter the primary cardmember's or authorized officer's name as it appears on the card.

Where can I see if my ThankYou® Member Account is linked to my account?

Visit the Shop with Points page in Your Account at You can also visit and click on the drop-down menu under your name and select My Shop with Points Account.

How do I use my ThankYou® points to shop at

If your eligible Citi credit card is saved in your account and you've already made a purchase on your card, you'll automatically be shown your available ThankYou Points balance at checkout. If your eligible Citi credit card isn't saved in your account or if it's saved but you haven't yet made a purchase, you'll need to link your card. You only need to link your card once. If you are receiving a specific error message when you attempt to link your card, please follow the instructions on the error message.

To use your ThankYou Points to pay for all or part of your eligible purchase:
1. Check out through your Shopping Cart.
2. Select your payment method and choose the number of points you want to apply.
3. The points you apply to the order will be deducted from your purchase total and displayed as Rewards Points in the Order Summary.

How do I de-link my ThankYou® Member Account from my account?

At, from the Your Account page, click the,Shop with Points link. Then, on the Shop with Points page, click "Disable" to de-link your ThankYou Member Account.

Why does my ThankYou® Member Account have to be linked to my account to use my points at

The accounts need to be linked because the eligible Citi credit card number is used to make the purchase and access the points.

Can I return merchandise that I purchased at with my ThankYou® Points?

Purchases made with ThankYou Points at purchases made with ThankYou Points follow Amazon's standard return policies. Please visit the Returns and Refunds page at for more information.

Are authorized users on my Citi credit card account that participates in ThankYou® Rewards able to use points for purchases at

Authorized users on your eligible Citi credit card can use ThankYou points for purchases on, because the card account number is used to access the points. For Citi Chairman cardmembers, only the Primary cardmember is eligible to link their ThankYou member account to their account. For CitiBusiness ThankYou, CitiBusiness Card, Citi Business World Card, or AT&T Universal Business Rewards cardmembers, only the authorized officer of the account is eligible to link their ThankYou member account to their account.

Are there any products I can't buy using Shop with Points at may restrict the use of points for purchase of certain items. For instance, some items that currently may not be purchased using points include some digital downloads, such as music and movies, select gift certificates, Kindle downloads, Subscribe and Save items, AmazonLocal items, AmazonFresh purchases and Prime subscriptions. Shop with Points cannot be used on any other Amazon site such as, and Additionally, you may not use 1-click to purchase products when placing an order using Shop with Points.

Can I use ThankYou® Points to pay for a portion of my order at

Yes, you can purchase items eligible for Shop with Points at using your ThankYou Points, your eligible Citi credit card linked to Shop with Points at, an gift card, an Amazon Payments Stored Value account, or any combination of the above.

Will my point balance be automatically updated on both my account and my account once I use my points at

If you order an item at using points, your points balance on may not reflect your pending orders until the date the order is shipped.

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