Reinstating Points

What is a reinstatement fee and why would I need to pay one?

A reinstatement fee is the fee you pay to restore any ThankYou® Points that are not available for redemption due to a late payment on your credit card account. There may be a reinstatement fee for each billing period for which your payment is late. The amount of the reinstatement fee, if any, is shown in your Points Summary.

What does it mean to have your ThankYou® Points unavailable for redemption?

If you do not make the required minimum payment due on your participating Citi® credit card account by the payment due date, any Points that have been earned with your credit card during that billing cycle will not be posted to your Thank You Member Account. As a result, those Points will not be available for redemption. Additionally, Points previously earned on the credit card may be unavailable as well.

How do I access/redeem my ThankYou® Points that have been made unavailable for redemption?

Your ThankYou Points will remain unavailable for redemption until you make all payments due on your participating credit card account. Once all payments are made, your unavailable ThankYou Points may be reinstated either online at under the My Account / Points Summary section or by calling 1-800-THANKYOU.

Once I make all payments due on my Citi® credit card account, how long do I have to reinstate my unavailable ThankYou® Points?

The ThankYou Points will remain eligible for reinstatement until they expire in accordance with the terms and conditions of your participating Sponsor Account.