How To Use My Account

Points Summary

Your Points Summary is where you can view all of the details about ThankYou® Points you've received and/or redeemed.

You can view ThankYou Points earned by each Citi account, and also view historical activity on your account.

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Add a Citi account

If you are earning points from multiple Citi accounts (for example, a credit card as well as a Citibank® checking account and other everyday banking), you can combine the points you get from these Citi accounts into one ThankYou Member Account.

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You can update your ThankYou Rewards profile at any time. In addition to changing any relevant profile information such as your contact information and password, you can provide your preferences for rewards and shopping categories, so we can tailor offers specifically for you.

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My Order History

Here, you can track the rewards you have redeemed and also view your order history. You can also monitor the status of Points Concierge order requests.

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Buy Points

If you have points in your ThankYou Member account earned from a Citi Account, you can purchase points so you have enough to get that special reward you've had your eye on. It's $25 for 1,000 ThankYou Points, with an online purchase cap of 5,000 points per calendar year and an overall 100,000 point cap per calendar year.

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