Important notice about the ThankYou® Bonus Center

It has been our pleasure providing you with additional ways to earn ThankYou® Points through the Bonus Center. Due to limited usage, we have made the decision to close the Bonus Center program. ThankYou Rewards will continue to focus our efforts on delivering the best rewards program experience, while developing new and exciting ways for our Members to use their points. All points earned from purchases made through the Bonus Center will be distributed to your account by April 30, 2014.

Other ways to earn points

As a valued ThankYou® Rewards Member, you can continue to earn points with your eligible Citi credit card and enrolled Citibank checking account.

See how to earn points.

We continually strive to improve ThankYou Rewards and encourage you to spend a few moments exploring the site; you will find exciting new ways to use your points, a large assortment of great rewards and much more. We have also enhanced many features, including the ability to search and compare rewards all in one place. Remember to be on the lookout for additional enhancements in the coming months, all based on member feedback.

If you have further questions about the ThankYou Bonus Center, your points or ThankYou Rewards, please call our Customer Service center at 1-800-THANKYOU (1-800-842-6596).

Please explore our site to see all that ThankYou Rewards has to offer.

Help: Shipped

The estimated delivery date is based on: how quickly we can obtain and ship your reward(s), your shipping address, and the shipping speed and options you chose.

We use a variety of carriers for each shipping option, and will choose the most appropriate delivery method for your shipping address. When you select One-Day Shipping, we may use air or ground shipping as necessary to get your reward(s) to you within the promised time frame.

You can track your package by clicking on the tracking number.

Some of the information listed above may not be available if the reward you ordered was not fulfilled through Amazon.

Help: Request a refund or replacement

You may request a refund or replacement of your reward in the event of damage or a defect. A replacement may also be requested if your reward was never received.

To initiate the return process, click on “Request a refund or replacement” under the reward you wish to refund or replace. You will be taken to the Return Request Form where you can specify the issue, your desired resolution and any additional information to facilitate the return process.

You will be taken to the Return Request page which outlines the steps necessary to request a refund or replacement.

Help: Order Status

There may be more than one status that applies to your order.

In Progress: Your order has been submitted.

Processed: Your order has been submitted and finalized. Any rewards requiring shipping have been sent to the address provided.

Canceled: Your order has been canceled at your request or the item is no longer available.

Returned: Your order has been returned at your request.

Backordered: A reward in your order is temporarily out of stock and will be shipped when it becomes available.

Ready for Pickup In-Store: Your merchandise order is ready to be picked up at the store location you selected.

Picked Up In-Store: Your merchandise order has been picked up at the store location you selected.

Shipped: Your item has been shipped.

Fulfilled: Your gift card eCode or your PointWorthy donation has been issued.

Fulfilled: Your gift card eCode has been issued.