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Welcome to ThankYou® Rewards. In a few quick steps you can set up a username and password and be on your way to viewing your points and redeeming for great rewards.

Important: If you have a Citi® credit card or eligible Citibank® checking account, you do not need to set up a username and password.

Use the same Citi username and password that you use to access your Citibank® Online, and accounts.

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    Participating cards include:

    • Citi ThankYouSM Preferred Card
    • Citi ThankYouSM Premier Card
    • Citi PrestigeSM Card
    • Citi Forward®
    • Citi® Diamond Preferred® Rewards Card
    • Citi® Diamond Preferred® Rewards American Express® Card
    • Citi Sunoco® Rewards Plus Card
    • Sunoco® Rewards Card
    • Citi PremierPass® Card/Expedia®
    • Citi PremierPass® Card/Expedia® - Elite Level
    • Citi PremierPass® Card - Smith Barney Elite Level
    • Citi® mtvU™ Platinum Select® Visa® Card
    • AT&T Universal Savings and Rewards Card
    • AT&T Universal Business Rewards Card
    • Citi Forward® by MyspaceTM

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    If you are an eligible Citibank customer with a checking account with a linked debit card, you can enroll in Rewards. To open an eligible Citibank checking account and enroll it in Rewards, you can apply online, visit a Citibank Financial Center, or call Citibank at 1-888-CITIBANK.

    Note: If you use Citibank® Online for your eligible Citibank checking account, you can connect to directly from there and do not need to set up a username and password.

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    Eligible Citi® Corporate Travel & Entertainment Cards can earn Points by enrolling in the Citi® Corporate Card Rewards Program online through CitiManager®.

What if I already have a user name and password for Citibank® Online or Account Online?

If you already have a user name and password on Citibank Online for your eligible consumer Citibank checking account or on Account Online for your Citi® Credit Card Account, you can access ThankYou® Rewards from those sites directly without having to also login on For Citibank Online, click on your ThankYou account or for Account Online, click the rewards detail page and then select ThankYou Rewards.